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The fitness industry is full of information and if you don't know how to dig through the nonsense, you will quickly become discourage and give up before you even start.

One of the biggest lies committed is convincing the client that losing weight is complicated and requires you to understand carbs, fats, and if you don't calculate all of this daily, you will fail. The reason fitness trainers do this is because if you understood how simple it really is, they wouldn't make money off of you as a client. This is pure fact, but I am going to show you how to lose 1-3 lbs per week with a few simple methods that I used for my clients.

There are three basic principles that can be used individually or in combination, and it is up to you to decide what you are ready to take on based on your lifestyle, and lets be real, how dedicated you are to achieve said weight loss goal. I am not going over fasting in this discussion as I want to dive deep into that topic to really educate you on the health benefits and how the nutrition industry is capitalizing on your money with temporary results.

To sum this entire article up in one phrase, weight loss is based on "Calories in versus Calorie out". To lose weight and sustain weight loss, you must burn 10%-20% more calories than you consume daily. It is that simple. Your calorie needs are based on several factors such as, age (metabolism), genetics, height, weight, muscle density, and physical activity.

Most female adults need 1,600–2,200 calories per day, while adult males need 2,200–3,000 calories per day. However, the amount of calories you need each day is unique to your body and activity levels.

Let’s say that your body needs 2,200 calories per day. A calorie deficit of 10–20% would be 1,760–1,980 calories per day (Equation: 2,200 – (2,200 × 0.1) = 1,980 or 2,200 – (2,200 × 0.2) = 1,760).

Now that I have done exactly what you didn't want to see, "numbers", I will give you the secret/s that I use to help people lose 30-40 pounds in a few short months.

  1. Move More Than Normal!

If you look at your overall weight gain, it didn't happen overnight, or even in a couple months. Your weight gain has occurred over many, many, years of bad eating habits, poor sleep, and little to no exercise, and one day you finally woke up to see what was really going on with your body which has led you here and I am excited that you are preparing to get your life in order in this area.

Why is movement a major factor in weight loss? When we move, we activate muscles, and muscles require fuel to function. When the body burns the calories it has consumed in food each day, it has nothing to fuel the muscles during activity, therefore the body will begin breaking down fat into a "grease" like substance, if you will, which absorbs into the blood stream, flowing to the active muscles to be used as fuel. As you continue to do this, you will see the fat fall off like clock work.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what body parts you move or even how you move, however, the larger the muscles moved, the more intense and longer the activity is, the more fat will be burned.

Movement Types

Jogging/Running- I would recommend that if you are trying to lose weight, that you keep heavy impact on the knees and spine to a minimum. Walking alone will 100% give you the results you desire. In addition to this, you really need to stay in your fat burning zone which requires a heart rate monitor, or you could slide into the cardio zone which will not burn as much fat giving you less results. I will cover this in another post.

Walking- Walking is the overall best thing you can do starting off in my professional opinion. It requires little to no real effort unless you are obese or have serious injury that prevents you from walking. In addition, walking gives you time to decompress from life, especially if you hit a trail or get to see the sunset.

A few considerations when choosing to walk. You must walk for a minimum of 20 minutes. Your body has a fuel reserve system of energy that lasts about 20 minutes. When you start any physical activity, you will burn this internal tank of fuel before you start tapping into body fat for energy. (Note: This can change based on your diet but we are only focusing on movement for now.)

Ideally you want to walk 45 minutes to 1 hour, and no more than 1 hour 15 minutes. The reason behind this is, between 20 minutes and 1 hour, your body is burning fuel at its maximum rate. Around an hour and a fifteen minutes, your body starts to slow this process down quit a bit, therefore the activity versus the results just aren't that beneficial. It is best to either wait until the following day or split walk meaning once in the morning and once in the late afternoon/evening.

Walking while breathing in through your nose and out of your mouth is a great regulator. Somewhat of a built in heart rate monitor if you will. It is a method we used as SEALs to condition our cardiovascular system. You want to push yourself to the point of almost wanting to quit breathing in though your nose and use your mouth for the in and out. Typically that is where you want to stay however if you are a bit under that, no worries, the results will still come. Just do your best not to live in the comfortable zone.

Calisthenics/Weights- Any resistance type of workouts are great. You get to put your muscles under a lot of stress and depending on how much you lift, you can actually burn more fat, however what we find here is people love to take long breaks in between sets and don't really push their sets to failure which can result in less fat burning than walking alone. Another mountain you have to consider is, am I willing to start learning the ins and outs of lifting, how many sets, reps, rest period, what exercises on what days, etc.

If you are wanting to implement a fitness routine consider my Train Like A SEAL fitness program. My program self paced, and has calisthenics, resistance bands, kettlebell workouts, and mobility/flexibility videos. I walk you though each movement and we get after it.

2. Eat Healthier Foods

From my experience working with hundreds of clients over the years, changing eating habits are the hardest. To really be successful, it requires detoxing to help curve the desire for the foods you typically eat. Even beyond this, we as humans are gluttonous and this is very spiritual and possibly requires deep diving into underlying trauma. I find that clients always want to go overboard, all in 100%, and it lasts for a week, and when something comes up that stresses them out, they will binge eat like never before.

What I recommend here is, if you want to start this aspect, to pick one meal each day (breakfast is typically the easiest) and eat clean. As you can handle more, then replace other meals with healthier eating habits. Remember, we are trying to set yourself up for success and not have any major setbacks or quitters.

3. Calorie Deficit Intake

If you recall, earlier I went over what the typical male/female needs for daily calorie intake. Our goal here is to calculate and monitor our daily caloric intake and stay between 1200-1500 calories. If you can do this, it means you are burning approx 500-1000 calories extra a day based on male/female, and that means burning fat for fuel!

If you choose this method, less is not better! Do not go below 1200 calories for any reason. Your body needs the nutrients, and within a few months you will force your body into a hibernation mode which shuts your metabolism down, and you don't want to do this. 1200-1550!


Our overall goal is to implement all of the concepts I discussed at some point in our fitness journey. How you start, how hard you drive, and how consistent you stay, are 100% based on the individual. This is more about developing mental fortitude and discipline than anything.

Sit down and really think about how much time you have to dedicate each day. Also, be real with yourself. None of this false motivation non sense. If you are a slacker or procrastinator, or quit on things easily, then you already know your personality, so don't be silly and commit to something you know you will not fulfill more than a few days. Start off small and commit to only what you can do, and build from there. ( I recommend walking!) The goal is to move and be consistent each day. You can start off hardcore and slack off a few days later and have achieved nothing.

Make a decision to commit to one or a combination of the methods above. Each method alone if done, is guaranteed to provide you with 1-3 lbs of fat burning/weight loss each week. The easiest is Movement. Next to that is 1200-1500 calorie intake daily, and the hardest is to completely change you eating habits all together.

One last tip, starting out it is best to add a protein supplement to your daily intake 1-3 times per day. I personally do not care what company you support, but I would appreciate your support of my supplements, "Frogman Supplements" as we have tested our products for a year to ensure you are getting what you need out of them. Protein If you have any other questions about other products you may need, contact us at

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